In 2017, Swiss BI day becomes Swiss Data Day

The latest Swiss BI Day editions, which aimed to bring Business Intelligence professionals together in Switzerland, were a huge success.

This year, the Swiss Data Day broadens the topic around other themes related to the world of data, in order to present the latest trends in the field and facilitate networking.

The event does not have a so-called commercial goal since the objective is not for the sponsors to make a detailed presentation of their solution or software but to let one of their clients to presents a problem to which he has been confronted. And explain how he was able to solve it.

The SDD 2017 theme: What is at stake for your data in the digital transformation?

With the help of the SPECo

Swiss Tech Convention Center

Business Intelligence

It identifies the means, tools and methods for collecting, consolidating, modeling and presenting the data, structured or unstructured, of an enterprise in order to offer decision-making assistance and enabling a decision-maker to have an overview of the activity being treated.

Data Quality

Data quality management (DQM) covers all actions and procedures designed to guarantee and maintain the quality of data within a company. In particular, data quality management makes the effectiveness of marketing / CRM actions possible using this data and to optimize logistics by ensuring the accuracy of the delivery data. One of the aims of the DQM is to guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the data collected. The DQM is most often seen from a technical perspective, but it must also encompass both organizational and human aspects.

Data Science

The datascience is the extraction of knowledge from data sets. It uses techniques and theories derived from several other fields such as mathematics, statistics and information technology including signal processing, probabilistic models, automatic learning, statistical learning, computer programming, Data engineering, pattern recognition and learning, visualization, prophetic analytics, uncertainty modeling, data storage, data compression, and high-performance computing.


Innovation is supported by Innovaud, which helps companies find financing solutions and creates synergies between innovators by pooling technical infrastructures and skills. It relies on networks to enhance innovative companies.

Program of the Swiss Data Day 2017

We already have many key players ready to participate in the event in 2017 and are very excited to participate in this new format BI-DS-DQ which will not only increase the volume of visitors, In quality, because the themes have a very strong synergy but also a wider audience.Especially for exhibitors and speakers as the event will be captured thanks to the digitization of the show on the Share Movement collaborative platform where actors will share articles, files, demo, missions, etc. , Before, during, and after the event.

Share Movement Association

The organization of the event is entrusted to an umbrella organization which will be responsible for:

  • Ensure that the charter is respected by each of the actors
  • Promote the event with the appropriate means
  • Transparent communication between the different actors
  • Assume benefits and expenses related to the event

In order to carry out these tasks, the umbrella organization can call upon an external commercial company, ensuring that the costs are optimal.

The association Share Movement is based in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and is specialized in the management of networks for specialists in data management, process management, innovation and digital transformation. This year, it will organize this new format and will put at the disposal a collaborative platform which will allow to connect the different actors upstream of the event, but also downstream of the event. The Share Movement association will also rely on Power of Sharing for the provision of the technical means and the human resources needed to organize and promote the event.

Plateforme collaborative POS

This year we innovate and broaden the scope and impact of the event by combining three different but complementary themes: Business Intelligence;Data Quality and Data Sciences.Please note that we will reserve a space for recruitment agencies and training centers during the event thanks to the provision of stands but also after the event by continuing the collaborative projects on the Share Movement platform.

Speakers at Swiss Data Day 2017

Swiss Data Day aims to highlight renowned speakers and a network of experts.Stakeholders and the network will share the best projects and conferences of the moment in the key areas of digital transformation, data management, innovation and business process management


Principal sponsor, with the help of the help of the SPECo
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