The goal of the event is to promote disciplines related to data management and to enable professionals in the field to build a sustainable network and to learn continuously from their peers.


The commercial aspect of the event must absolutely remain secondary.

Each stream is represented by an association which must respect this charter.


The organization of the event is entrusted to a facial association which will be responsible for:- Ensure that this charter is respected by each of the actors- Promote the event with the appropriate means- Transparent communication between the various actors.- Insure receipts and expenses related to the event


To carry out these tasks, the association appeals an external commercial company, insuring that costs are minimal. The managers of stream are responsible to find exhibitors and a keynote speaker related to their respective domain. Streams managers don’t engage in any expenses and do not expect to derive a monetary benefit from the event. If a profit is to be realized, after deduction of organizational costs, it can be distributed equitably among the associations responsible for stream, respecting the effort provided.  This distribution can only be made if the association responsible for the stream guarantees that this profit will be reused in compliance with this charter. For the 2017 edition, here is what is agreed: – The main event will be called the Swiss Data World- It will take place on Wednesday 8 November 2017 at the Swiss Tech Convention Center of the EPFL in Lausanne- It will consist of 4 streams: Swiss BI Day; Swiss Data Sciences Day; Swiss Data Quality Day and Swiss Data Innovation Day.