Swiss Data Day aims to highlight renowned speakers and a network of experts. Stakeholders and network will share the best projects and conferences of the moment in the key areas of digital transformation, data management, innovation and business process management

The novelty of this year’s: The “HR corner”. During the event, space will be dedicated to human resources and recruitment agencies. We will open the event to students to enable them to access the professionals of their fields and especially the job offers, internships and missions of the various companies. Before and after the event these interactions will be facilitated and digitized through the platform made available by the Share Movementassociation

Dr. Kirell Benzi, Data Scientist and Data artist at Kirelion,

Opening Keynote Speech – 9.30 – 10.15  –  Plenary cession

Using a mixture of data science and art, Dr. Kirell Benzi
will discuss how algorithms can be used to generate emotions and
ultimately improve brand image by presenting some his artworks, from raw
data mining to their final creative representations.

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Abed Ajraou, Lead Data Scientist, Data Teacher, Data Speaker and Data Author

Keynote Speech – 10.15 – 11.00  –  Plenary cession

The guide to manage Data Science in your company”

  • Abed will elaborate how to manage data science projects by covering the right approach, the right methodology, the right skills/team and also how to avoid some mistakes by giving some concrete examples.

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Dr. Christine Legner, Head of Competence Center Corporate Data Quality, Director of the Department of Information Systems and Professor of Information Systems at HEC Lausanne – The Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Lausanne.

Keynote Speech – 11.30 – 12.15  –  Plenary cession

Dr. Christine Legner will discuss his research on business information systems and the role of information technology as a facilitator of organizational change, both in enterprises and throughout their value network.

More specifically, it will address:

  • Cloud, mobile and analytical technologies driving business innovation
  • Corporate data management in the era of big data and Internet of Things
  • Enterprise architecture management and strategic IT planning
  • Digital transformation in sales and service

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Raphael Rollier,  Digital Innovation & Transformation for SWISSCOM

Keynote Speech – 11.30 – 12.15  –  Plenary cession

Raphael Rollier is passionate about the use of digital technologies to improve the quality of life and allow sustainable economic growth. In co-creation with several cities, he developed a “Smart Data” tool that transforms the billions of data generated by mobile telephony antennas into traffic indicators. He is currently working on developing a methodology to enable cities to successfully complete their digital transition. Jury member Venture Kick and Venture Associate at Swisscom, he also developed a mentoring program for start-ups at EPFL, where he obtained a master’s degree in microtechnics.

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Philippe Nieuwbourg, analyste Independent Analyst / Business Intelligence / Internet of Things Editor in chief

Closing Keynote Speech – 5.00 Pm – 5.45 Pm  –  Plenary cession

The theme of the conference of Philippe Nieuwbourg is as always surprising and innovative:

As Nietzsche said more than 130 years ago, « the devil hides in details ». We already knew it, analyzing best practices in data quality management. But in 2017, we could also say that paradise is in details. It’s true in the data science field. Even if we deal with so called Big Data, the results and the strength of these new best practices (machine and deep learning, artificial intelligence) can just be shown in some bytes. Some bytes that will create the difference, and, converted into dollars, will help you to reach the return on investment of your data science project… or not. During this conference, I propose you to discover best practices of the most advanced companies in data science, to transform decision support systems in decision automation systems. We will also discuss the limits and risks, around privacy and bad decisions. How will human work being affected by these automation systems.

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CIO at Power Of Sharing, Association Share Movement Adminsitrateur, founder of the Swiss BI Network and Swiss Data Day. Author, Professor and Lecturer.

Opening and Closing Speeches in Plenary Sessions

Dario Mangano will act as master of ceremonies. In this capacity he will officiate during the opening and closing ceremonies

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